Honeyselect, Item, Mod


Last Update : 2017-01-11

SP 1. 2017-12-17
Version 1. 2017-12-09

Items Pack For HoneySelect Studio.

* You can transformer these mods to other Illusion Games

* You can edit item list for your language


其他 ( その他 )( Others )

<6><TC WoodTower>
<6><TC WoodTower Ladder>
<6><TC WoodTower House>

小物 ( Small Items )

<3><TC Robot Eve>
<3><TC Robot Eve (Heart)>
<3><TC Robot Eve (Massage)>
<3><TC Robot Eve (PPH)>

小物 ( Small Items )

<3><TC Doll Mei>

床 ( Wall and Bed )

<1><TC WoodBed White>
<1><TC WoodBed RedHeart>
<1><TC WoodBed Brown>

1. Download and Extract file.
2. Copy folder to your HoneySelect root.
3. Run HIR ( HoneySelect item Resolver ) and press Start ! then wait for finish.
4. Run HS Studio.


If you got Version 1. Just replace files.

If you have no installed Version 1. You can download ver.1 Item List

> Download SP1 Item List

> Download Ver.1 Item List